Thursday 30 May 2013

Goslings at Alpha Goose nest

On Saturday I noticed 2 of the Alpha Goose eggs had hatched and 2 had been left unhatched. The adult Geese took the 2 goslings off to graze in a nearby farmers field but Flash & Snow followed with aggression and the family got separated with the adults on the high bank with the Goslings left on the water followed by Flash luckily I called Flash over giving them a chance to get to the field and safety.
I checked on the Goose family on Sunday and I noticed there was only 1 Gosling and I have no idea what happened to the missing Gosling could have been a Fox, Mink, Otter, Pike, Buzzard, Flash & Snow or just got left behind.
 On my back I check on the nest and the remaining unhatched eggs and they had been moved and cracked open revealing that they were rotten probably from when the eggs were laid during the cold and wet months at the beginning of spring.
 I also observed Flash and Snow eating the egg shells which is a first for me but if they do have another go at laying eggs this will really make a difference because of the minerals and calcium in the shell.

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