Tuesday 20 November 2012

Waxwings arrive at last!!!!!!!

After all the Waxwing reports from the coast and nearby towns over the last few weeks I have been preparing by looking for as many Berrie trees as possible and fitting them into a walk where I could keep an eye out for Waxwings on about and hours walk. On Sunday I picked one area about 5 minutes from my house that seemed perfect for them but I will keep the exact location secret as it can get abit crowded when certain photographers found out where they are and spoil it for those of us that don't just care about getting the shot and enjoy observing our winter visitors. Waxwings like areas to feed where there is a high vantage points in an area usually a tall tree is used to watch for predators and usually there is Berrie trees close by where there feed for a minute or two and return to there watch tower.
On Monday I trusted my gut and went to the place I picked and there was 8 Waxwings feeding and it was too dark for shots so today we returned and there was about 30-40 birds and below are my results as it was darker and wetter today and after an hour I got a few I was happy with.
Head shot but out of focus large but it works at this size
 At the top of the tree waiting for the rest of the flock
 Very flighty and they were back and forth a few times for a feed
 My best shot from the day and had the colour I wanted
Hopefully the weather will improve for a few hours tomorrow and I can get some good light and get some better photos of 2 or more Waxwings in one close-up shot.

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