Thursday 22 November 2012

Another go at the local Waxwings

Another day at my Waxwing spot yyesterday and the flock had grown from 10 to 70 birds and as I managed to find them straight away near the area where we found them the other day and I was pleased to get my best shot yet and even though it was windy, wet and dark I struggled to focus on them as they zipped around from Berrie to Berrie as they would feed furiously and then return to the high tree or leave the area totally. 
 Just missed this shot
We attracted lots of attention from the local workers who were actually interested by the amazing looking birds that were feeding outside there workplace, I love educating people who are not from a nature background and if you can get them interested in Nature then my job is done.
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  1. Where do you watch waxwings? Trying to find a place to see them in cheshire/staffordshire, without much luck

  2. Hi

    Tesco Northwich and locally at Middlewich they have disapeered. Try to find some berry trees and normally check when you can and you may get lucky.

    Good luck I will let you know if they show up nearby, keep an eye here on Twitter