Saturday 24 March 2012

Five days and five timelapses

This week I have set myself the challenge of capturing 5 different time lapses over the next five days in different areas on my local patch so the areas I have decided on are listed below:
 Previous time lapse-Lets hope I can catch some more epic footage like the video below.
The time lapse cameras are ready to go and if all goes well I may get some better ideas as well as get some conservation work on the area I am filming at while the camera is recording.

I shall post the five time lapses next week and you can vote for your favourite one which will be used in my Show reel to present some of my best footage to anyone he wishes to see what I am about.
My blog writing session has been allocated on a Sunday afternoon where I write the whole weeks news in one day to free me up for the week and Ben and Jerry's ice cream helps me stay focused.

Thanks for reading


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