Sunday 29 January 2012

Work, work, work I have alot to do before spring!!!!

Lately I seem to be doing alot more manual work in the field rather than documenting wildlife through a lens as this is because while things are quiet I am prepping areas and have 2 new special places where I can work on the warmer, sunny days of the year as well as be around nature for some filming opportunities.
I hope to be ready for spring like planting Bluebells bulbs at my local Badger sett for hopefully filming the Badger cubs playing there later in the year,  getting the pond ready for all the Dragonflies and other aquatic insects. One thing I must get must get cracking on is prepping nesting Boxes, rafts and the damn natural fence for Otters pass to make the island abit more private for any aquatic visitors this consists of a willow fence and 2 wooden posts then I will use Ivy that will hopefully grow up the willow branches and make a thick natural hedge that will stay green the whole year and will conceal my little project that will hopefully produce some fantastic results.
Here's a Badger shot from last year to show you how close the Badgers allowed me get which enabled me to get great footage.
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