Monday, 2 January 2012

My 2012 - 12 challenges revealed

After alot of thinking time here they are my 12 wildlife tasks for 2012:

1 - Badger cubs filmed in daylight at Brock wood.

 2 - Otter box complete on island camouflage and cameras in.

 3 - Kayak on the sea and film marine wildlife. 

4 - Film Polecats on my local patch.

5 - Film fish shoals on my local river.

6 - Film Barn Owls on my local patch.

7 - Build 10 water bird nesting rafts and place around Otters pass lake.

8 - Film a Lesser spotted woodpecker on my local patch.

9 -Film Watervoles on my local patch.

10 - Film at an active Fox den.

11 - Film stoats at an estuary

12 - ???????????? 
I will leave this as a surprise as they say I will leave the best till last.

I am hopeful at completing most of them but I have a thrown in a few tough tasks that have been troubling me for a while so fingers crossed I can complete them all.

Thanks for reading



  1. Best wishes for 2012 Mike..
    I really like your image.

  2. Thanks Andrew and to you I can't wait for Badger watching this year I want to film the cubs this year in early spring.