Wednesday, 4 January 2012

An afternoon in my one man hide at Buzzards rest feeding station

As the weather took a turn for the worse yesterday with heavy rain and strong winds up to 30mph I decided upon spending some time in my one man hide at Buzzards rest feeding station and after getting comfortable and cosy in my chair hide out of the harsh weather I noticed a few new visitors to the feeding station the first a female Greater spotted woodpecker arrived for a feed on the insect fat log and then flew off to join a male bird and then the pair began to display as if the beginning of spring was in the air and they were pairing 
up to begin nest building together.
Another bird that we have been hoping to show up at the feeders was a Nuthatch and today a pair came to feed but seemed very territorial so I am assuming 2 males disputing over feeding at the bird table. I want to film the Nuthatches next so hopefully this week I can some more time in a hide at Buzzards rest if all goes to plan.
 I just missed getting a shot of this Robin with its wings out but unfortionately it turned in the opposite direction and flew off with abit of food.
 Last but no means least a flock of Long tailed tits seem to keep visiting now and then to feed on the insect suet blocks that I place in a metal suet cage and on a log hanging in the tree. I was very happy with the shot below as they are so erratic in there movements as once one leaves they all seem to follow.
 I also noticed this little Vole living under the bird table and every time abit of food is dropped by a bird nearby out it comes to collect it and retreats back to the safety of its hole as just after it retreated a Buzzard flew by and it was going to land but was startled by us packing up our hides before it began to rain and darkness began to fall.
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  1. Wonderful images Mike... Long-tailed Tits have to be everyones fav bird to see...So cute.

  2. Cheers Andrew they certainly are.