Saturday, 3 December 2011

Tawny glade hide update

After realising that I needed to find out if it was the wind blowing the camo off my hide or if anyone was stealing items from the Tawny glade hide bird feeding station so what I decided to do was to leave a fishing rod that I no longer need in the area where I left the roof of the hide up to see if it would still be there over the next few days. 

On the next day I returned to find that the fishing rod was gone so now I know we have theif stealing from the hide so this morning I removed the roof and collapsed the main structure and now it looks like we were never there and we will let it return back to its natural state and probly pop by every few days so I can drop off some bird food but mainly to make sure that the wildlife of the area is safe. 

Below is one of the camera tests I did with my Iphone before the hide was taken down when I fitted an old piece of plastic guttering to the hide to get the birds feeding closer.

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