Monday, 5 December 2011

Been abit down but now I am back with a vengeance

After losing my hide and realising the area was not safe for me or the wildlife I was attracting to the feeding station and as its the game bird shooting season (Pheasants,  Partridges) I don't want to aid them. I decided to begin searching for a new area where I can film wildlife in a unique setting from woodlands, forests , rivers and streams I searched every where around my local area and at last I found about 5 small areas of varying habitats all hidden away. I will monitor 4 of the areas over the next year and rather than settle in one place I will be moving around alot more so each area does not get too much attention brought to it as I want to make sure that there will be not disturbances from any unwanted attention.
My first area is fantastic place with a few small ponds and a great place due to the mammal activity in the area from lots of Wild birds including raptors and Owls, Curlews, Otters, Foxes and Badgers but also the possibility of Water voles but I have to setup the apple feeders around the pool edges. I need a  few days in the hide but the great thing is I can see the whole area while filming the feeding birds I can watch the Vole feeders as well as look out for any other wildlife in the area.
A video of some filming I did at the Badgers poo pits nearby to the pools at the beginning of 2011 so I am excited to return to the now named ***Buzzards rest*** and begin working on some projects that I have been meaning to finish.

Thanks for reading



  1. Wonderful to see Mike... good luck my friend.

  2. Thanks for that, hopefully this area should be better.