Tuesday 22 November 2011

A walk around my local patch and a few little surprises along the way PT1of 3

Today I decided on having a long walk today around my local patch and the wildlife hot spots to see what was around and I covered about 8 miles from walking through the woodlands and passing by the rivers, streams over farmland and down by the canal as I felt I needed a few hours of of being in the outdoors to clear my head. On the way I found many mushrooms springing up every 
where from in the woodlands to on the side of a main road.
I found this unusual specimen growing by a path next to a main road I have heard of this happening before but I have never seen this happening and it looked like a great thing to get a photo of so I used my iPhone to get a quick shot.
I don't know much about mushrooms so if you know the names then let me know.
I found this bird of prey plucking post this is where raptors bring there feathered prey to pluck the feathers out and eat there meal and they often use the same place to eat so I think it will be a good place to film and hopefully set up a hide and the bird of prey in question should be a Sparrowhawk.
In a hurry today so I will continue the walk blog tomorrow but I will end with a photo I captured of a beautiful autumn scene down by the river and as the sun
was shining down on it, I felt warm inside due to the bright orange glow.
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  1. 1st photo probs Agrocype cylindracea
    2nd photo is some sort of Inocybe (genus) I think a few of them are very poisonous,
    3rd photo is probably a variety of Russula,
    4th photo-to badly eaten
    5th photo-very likely a giant puffball, their white when alive but go brown after they've released their spores.
    6th-can't do better than 'some sort of bracket fungus'

    Hope that's helpful, can't do better than genus for most because mushrooms are so similar, hopefully most of them are right though :)

  2. Wow..that last photo is Gorgeous. The others are great..but that last one is just stunning!

  3. Thank you both, it was a beautiful day to end the Autumn season and mushrooms are new to me but hopefully I now know these ones now and I can recognise them in the future.