Monday, 21 November 2011

Cancelled first test /Camping filming at Otters pass due to ????

 A few days ago me and my brother Ryan kayaked to Otters pass island to prep the area for filming and camping. After clearing the tent pitch of roots and vegetation we discovered an active nest of red ants under all the dirt so we have to cancel the test until the next possible opportunity as there is only a small area to pitch the tent so I am going to check over the next few days to see if they have gone and if the temperature drops they should go back underground as I don't want to wake up covered in red ant bites.

UPDATE AFTER SEEING THE WEATHER FORECAST - If the weather does change and gets colder then I think it will be impossible to camp out due to the fog that surrounds the island over the winter which will restrict the CCTV cameras view. 
Another problem is that the dinghy that was going to carry the kit over has a puncture so I need to repair that first before even attempting to arrange a night test. Once repaired I have the perfect test for the dinghy which is to collect some bright red apples from the opposite side of a canal bank which inaccessible by foot and as most of them fall in the canal I don't think they will be missed and at the minute I could do with all the apples I can get for the watervole apple feeders as I am down to my last 10.

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