Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Glade hide update - A new bird feeding station and hide is geting there slowly

After alot of hard work at the glade hide using fallen trees, camo material as well as some rope and nails  we finally got a structure up heres a view of the feeders from the glade hide that we began building a few days ago.
 About 25% finished and the hide is waterproof thanks to a camouflage sheet that has been  I just need abit more camo material and to secure the hide to the trees but I want to add a bench and some more feeders and a small table for an area to write the script for DOACWW and maybe do some buissness work so it will be my forest office if I need some where quiet to work with plenty of fresh air and wildlife around me.
A few photograph's taken over an hour at the Glade hide and as you can see the Tit flock have found the feeders and more will be added to the area from a natural bird bath and bird table with a mossy look adding to a more natural shot when filming or photographing wildlife in the area. I thinks its my new favourite place and I got a feeling that this is going to be a great area and I can't wait to see what else turns up to visit the glade hide.
 A bird on a wire
 Food at last
 Keeping an eye out for the Sparrowhawk
 The Tit flock arrives

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  1. Fantastic to see Mike...looks like a wonderful office in the making.

  2. Thanks Andrew I will show you one day once the birds find the area as I think its going to be very popular over the winter.