Wednesday 14 September 2011

A new Wildlife Promo Dvd - A tough edit of my wildlife footage

 After getting back home from my holiday and feeling motivated and had clear idea of my future plans I began working on a new wildlife promo DVD today to show some of my best footage edits and photographs to give people who I meet when filming in areas where passers by or as a way to get access to private land or other organisations that are interested in wildlife or in the wildlife field and when they say they would like to see some of my work I only have my business card with links to my sites but after chatting to people I meet I found out that most people have a DVD player but not the Internet therefore they can't see any of my work online so I thought it would be nice to give people something to my work from trailers to short clips I have filmed. Its a tough thing to rate your own work and pick out certain footage that shows your personality and style of filming my work  so I am going to go through my archives from the past few years to create a Dvd that I can be 100% happy with but its going to take a week or so as long as nothing so distracts me if any one would like a copy once its finished just email me at and I will be happy to post a Dvd to you.
One of the scenes that gave me inspiration and motivation last week
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