Monday 12 September 2011

Checkout my Bio at and Building a hide in a forest!!

 A few weeks ago I got a new Bio/my local patch page on a fantastic website dedicated to wildlife called and it basically shares your videos, photographs, Twitter and blog all on one page here's the link below if you wish to view more information about me and some of my other photographs and video footage.
As all my full week holidays are done for this year I have decided to really focus on areas close to me and as the days are getting shorter I have less time to travel to places to film after work and as my garden is lacking in Birds even if there is plenty of food out so I have decided to create a Bird feeding area in a woodland nearby with a few bird feeders, natural bird bath and some great natural perches with lichen and moss covering them giving a great natural feature for filming from birds like Blue tits, Long tailed tits, Coal tits, Bullfinches, Sparrowhawks, Buzzards and many other birds and creatures should come in for a feed in the day and at night including Foxes and Badgers especially when food is hard to find over the winter and as I am not one to wait building has begun as I have all the materials ready so it should make abit of space in my kit area.
Here's a quick photograph of the work done so far its almost invisible but still needs a bench, bird table and more camouflage and as it is deep in a forest should be a quiet area for filming but this area needs a name so we will call this area "The Glade hide" for future reference
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