Sunday 11 September 2011

Lack of posts due to internet issues and lots to blog about

I am now back from North Wales and I am sorry for the lack of posts as I could not post due to my wireless Internet dongle running out of credit and it was too fiddly on the iPhone to write a whole post and add, photographs and videos. But I will post some highlights over the next week or to and as the nights are getting longer and dark early I have more time to sit at the PC and blog instead of being out filming.

We had some nice weather at Llandudno but on the opposite end of the spectrum the weather became stormy with strong winds and heavy rain but as we had our wet gear packed we were prepared but we had some great encounters with Dolphins, Porpoises, various waders and a few everyday birds that are taken for granted photographed in flight by the sea but overall it was a fantastic week and a great end to the summer season.

A few teaser photographs below for future posts
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