Tuesday 9 August 2011

Kayaking with Starlings on the flashes

I had a great early morning Kayaking encounter a few weeks ago with some roosting Starlings and after getting up a 5am it was worth it, I just got on the water as the sun was rising over the reed beds creating a beautiful shadow of the starling flock prepairing to fly off to feed. It took me a few minutes to get in the perfect position to get the shots as I could not control the kayak with a DSLR in hand I had to be very quick as the kayak would spin round and I would miss my chance to get a photograph.

After 10 minutes of soaking up the wonderful ambience and getting some video and photographs the flock flew off towards the town to feed.
 On my way back I found a young Rabbit in the canal struggling to get out due to the high banks and luckily I got there in time to lift the rabbit up onto the bank with my paddle and it happily hoped away back away none the worse for ware although it was a little wet and tired.

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  1. Thanks for saving the rabbit!!!
    Great photos..that must have been hilarious trying to take photos while the kayak is spinning around in circles. I can just imagine it-lol!

  2. Thanks, we all have to do our bit and I believe I was born to kayak with a camera.