Thursday 4 August 2011

A great few days at the Badger sett and some fantastic results

 After visiting Brock wood with Andrew and noticing the Badgers were very active on the edge of the main sett I thought we would feed the Badgers the new mix here and after 10 minutes of waiting over three days we started with one, then two on the second day then four on the third.
I was amazed after a few days of feeding the new area and after getting some fantastic daytime shots of the group with my camcorder from 2-3 metres away I thought what other interesting shots that I could get that I have not seen in other Badger videos and my other thought was what cameras and kit would get me the best shots of the Badgers at Brock wood.
I decided that I would start with three main shots to achieve at the sett and they were adapted to the land around the feeding area from filming above from a tree overlooking the sett holes.

I also wanted to  film the Badgers from behind giving a Badgers eye view when they come out to feed with me filming them in the background and the Badgers being in the foreground feeding or checking for dangers this shot would be a great piece of footage to take you into the mind of the Badgers and what a Badger view is like from being low on the ground.
The last shot I wanted was to get a low level colour Hd closeup of the Badgers feeding with some great snuffling and sniffling as they search for food.
Here's a photograph I took with my DSLR which is one particular Badger that is easily identifiable because hes the big boy and has lots of white on one ear tuft and a small amount on the other and hes very confident as when I click my trigger he tolerates it the most when the others dive for cover but he will return to the sett to if he feels that hes had enough of the strange noise.

 He notices the camera but is unaffected
 I followed him feeding before he caught my scent and returned to the sett

As I was leaving I spotted one of the younger cubs peeping out so I took a quick photo as it sniffed the air and after a few seconds it disappeared back to the safety of the sett.
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  1. You have a lot going on Mike.
    A lovely read...

  2. Certainly do, I trying to film as much as possible before Autumn comes as they will start to change there routine soon, just let me know when wish to revisit the sett as me and Ryan have found a clearer trail through the wood so there should be no more slip ups.