Saturday 27 August 2011

Discovery on a fallen tree by the river update

With the Otter proving to fast to capture in the current position facing the log I decided on mounting a camera facing towards the end of the log allowing for a better area of capture and hopefully the sensor will pick anything moving over the log. After heavy rain last night and moving the camera I watched last nights footage and found an Otter  in full view and then after a few seconds it retreating into the darkness but due to the heavy rain nettles were knocked down blocking the camera lens resulting in IR reflect and partial view of the log although not the best quality it still confirms Otters are using the log regularly and possibly on a nightly bases.
Below is the unedited clip of the Otter

In the clip below I have zoomed in and lightened the brightness for a clearer view of the Otter.
So is this a male Otter passing through or is this a young female establishing a territory or maybe this is a female that has cubs nearby, only time will tell but read my next blog post to hear my theory on my new Otter discovery on my local river the Dane but I am hoping they are breeding and I am so excited what the future may hold on filming Otters on my local patch of Middlewich in Cheshire.

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