Thursday, 25 August 2011

Fallen tree updates - another mammal crosses the tree

I am having alot of good luck with my first weeks filming by the river as I managed to film another mammal using the tree to cross the river and it turns out Foxes use it to cross the river to access some farmland where there is a rabbit warren which makes sense.
I just hope the Otter returns before I am in North Wales for the final full week this year for late summer filming as well as searching for the Foxes den that we were unable to locate.
Here's a quick photo of one of my framed DVD cover prints and a still of a Badger at Brock wood taken from the first episode of Diaries of a Cheshire wildlife watcher.
I was rather pleased with it and I think I am going make one for each episode I make for the series and display them in my office.

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