Monday, 29 August 2011

Rising waters and a beautiful end to the day

 Unfortunately due to heavy rain and strong winds I have had to stop filming on the due to the quick rise in the water level and as the log is now inaccessible I removed it just in time. I left one camera in an area facing the log and it is safe from rising waters but until the water returns to a lower level the area hopefully we should have plenty of footage when I can finally access it in the next few days as long as I can get to it before sunday morning as I am away filming in North Wales for a week. I can't wait as last year there was plenty of close encounters from young Razorbills and plenty of waders but the icing on the cake was the Leachs Petrols that were blown in land and the amazing way they run on the surface of the sea.
After a day of rain which meant a day stuck inside working on the computer on various tasks for next week so in the early evening we went to the flashes to see if anything was around but as the sun was setting behind the cloud it was a beautiful although but cold scene and as the nights are drawing in becoming darker early, a chill in the air and today the leaves have begun to fall from the trees marking the end of summer and the early signs of Autumn.
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