Saturday 7 May 2011

On the trail of the Otter - Finding a place to film an Otter with cubs

 I had one task on my mind this afternoon and that was to find somewhere on the river where I filmed the Otter that if she or another Otter had cubs with her then she would stop and feed or allow there young to rest and play, so I got my waders on and headed down river exploring the opposite banks where they was plenty of cover and as its normally not accessed by people or dogs due to the deep water it seemed perfect and the signs were good as in an area where the river had flooded in the winter it had left a few pools of water and back streams hidden from view so these areas would be perfect for a mother otter to feed her young.
In the pool were small fish that had probably only recently hatched and as the water pools were cut off from the main river until the river floods it would be easy for cubs to learn how to hunt. In a few of the pools there were lots of Tadpoles and as one of the things that a mother Otter requires when settling down to give birth or to feed or teach her cubs to hunt is a source of frogs so if we get an Otter family on the river chances are they will be stopping here so i will film in this area of the pools as well as check for signs every other day so my next Otter challenge begins.
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