Friday 20 May 2011

Woodpecker discovery down by the river Dane

 After checking the Otter spraint spot I decided to cut through a wood that runs alongside the river Dane on my way back home and I heard a strange call that sounded like young birds but I could locate where the calls were coming from and after abit of searching I spotted a hole about half way up a tree and we decided to sit down with our cameras to see what came to the hole and after a few minutes in came the parents and as I suspected they were Greater spotted woodpeckers with beaks full of insects for there hungry chicks.
 After abit of filming from below of the parents bringing food in, I decided I wanted to film on the same level as the nest to get some close up shots and prepare for when the chicks fledge its going to take a long pole and a bullet camera it will also abit of time for the birds to get used it and hopefully no disturbance will be caused as the adults seem happy for us to watch from below after abit of time as when we first waited at the nest they were very nervous and took there time to return to the nest hole. 

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