Monday 4 April 2011

A Foxy encounter at last

 I went down to the bird feeding station that I have built in a woodland today and put up a nut feeder as there are many birds living in the woodland that would appreciate the extra food and as it began to rain and thunder we took shelter under a tree at the edge of the wood and as the area looks out over a piece of farmland gone wild we spotted a fox trotting through the field marking its territory and as some horses ran by frightened by the thunder which made the fox bolt across a stream and into the woodland. 
As we went to look for the fox and track it back to its den we noticed the musky smell around a few bases of the trees straight away but as the weather got worse we gave up and went home and we shall return this week to try have a good look and sniff around the woodland to find the den so we can film the cubs playing around the entrance and follow them through there life from Cub to adult.

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