Friday 1 April 2011

Meeting a fellow wildlife watcher after a relaxing week on the river

As the sun really did shine last week and before the spring and summer filming madness steps up a gear I decided to have 3 days of putting my camera kit down and getting some relaxing Kayaking down the river Dane and just enjoying the change of Winter to spring down on the river. After a few days of relaxation I finally had abit of time to arrange a walk with a fellow wildlife photographer that I have been to emailing back and forwards and he lives near me so I thought it would be great to make some new friends who are into UK wildlife and the outdoors. 
It was very refreshing to talk to another wildlife photographer who shares your local patch and it was good to share ideas on future projects and the wildlife and sightings in the area so hopefully we will arrange to meet again and setup some projects and I can show them a few of my secret areas where you can relax and enjoy photographing wildlife undisturbed.
As he is getting married this week I wish him and his future wife all the best and I hope that they have a great honeymoon on the isle of Skye.

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  1. Just checking back to read any postings you may have written.

    I’ve been following and enjoying your blog for a while now and would like to invite you to visit and perhaps follow me back. Sorry I took so long for the invitation

  2. Thankyou its great to know that you are enjoying the blog.