Tuesday 26 April 2011

A new nest in my garden hedge

 After a walk around my local patch I decided to take a walk around the garden and when I peered into the hedge I noticed a nest had been made in an old plastic cullender I placed in the hedge so I waited in the garden office to see what had built the nest and in flew a Blackbird but a few days later the Blackbird left the nest with 3 eggs in and began to rebuild in the hedge about 2 metres away all that work and laying the eggs and she has decided to start again right next to the original nest.
Below is a photo of the old nest and the newly made nest hopefully she will have more luck with this one and luckily there is a CCTV camera next to it so I can watch the nest from my garden office and my bedroom using a AV splitter from the garden office to my room.
Also here's a photo of my woodland garden with Bluebells not yet flowering, I created it behind my garden office so if anything shows up on the cameras it will look like its in a woodland scene.
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