Sunday, 23 January 2011

Trying to film Tawny owls calling tonight

This evening I set off at 6.30 to see if I could find a pair of Tawny owls that I have been told are calling in the area at about 7pm and I talk my torch, Ir camcorder and my reflective jacket and headed to the area by the river where they have been heard. 
It began to rain as I walked along the dark path and in the distance we heard a male Tawny calling twice but it seemed further away and not in the area where I was, it was probably on the other of the river at a farm where I visited a few years ago but I did not feel ready to film wildlife on such a huge area of open farmland because I did not have much experience in the wildlife watching field but now I feel ready.
I hope to visit the farm soon and setup a few projects from filming at a different badger sett to building an Otter Holt and camera trapping the river on private land where it can be left for 2 weeks close to where I found some prints from a female Otter.
I will try a few nights this week to locate the Tawny's in the area where others have heard them.
I will post more on the Otters tracking and the success we have had over the past few days following an Otter a few miles down the river.

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