Sunday, 23 January 2011

A walk along the Trent and Mersey canal PT 2

As I ran out of time the other day I decided to post the 2nd part of my walk today as we made a few discoveries on our way back home. As I was leaving the lake all of a sudden Tufted duck flew down onto the water but quickly set off once it caught site of us so close to it.
As we set off on our 3 mile journey back home along the canal I decided to take a look at one of the ponds where I film Dragonflies in the summer the pond is right next to the canal and I spotted this nest with 2 small dead fish in, I think they were Carp and I have never seen this before but one thing I have heard of is Male water birds catching fish to lure females to there nest or a Mink has been catching fish and saving for later if anybody has heard or seen anything similar then let me know.
Abit further up the canal we spotted this poor fox that had drowned in the canal I think it must have been trying to use the ice that had frozen on the canal and has only recently just defrosted to cross the canal as I saw Fox footprints all over the ice on the canal during the snowy weather at Christmas.
Another reason the fox may having been on the ice was to try and get an easy meal as right next to the dead fox was large group of Canada geese that usually arrive here with the Barnacle geese and form a mixed group but I think it will be a few more weeks before they arrive on the canal. 
 I also checked out a small woodland where I found a Woodpecker hole probably being used by a bird roosting bird at this time of the year as there are fresh feathers around the hole but in the spring and summer maybe we will get a Woodpecker nesting here so this area will be part of my filming patch as the Tawny owls are just around the next corner. 
As we got off the canal all of a sudden the heavens opened and it began to hail just as the sun was going down so it was quite a pleasant sight.

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