Saturday 29 January 2011

A busy week to come

 Over the next week I have a number of things to do before the spring weather returns as its going to be a busy year with filming my 45 minute episode of my dvd series but as an extra challenge I have decided to do a series of 12x 10 minute programs through the year on how we are filming wildlife and the equipment we are using as well as many other wildlife related topics.
But now I need a name for the 12 extra episodes before I begin work on the story boards for them.
If anybody has any ideas for a name then post below.
Last week I bought another Prowler HD so I can film an an area or creature from 2 different angles giving a variety of shots for example I can put a camera up high up on one tree in an area where Badgers relax and socialise with each other and I put the other closer to the ground to get a closer view of the Badgers and then I can edit the 2 different views together to make some great clips and the other great thing about this setup is that if one camera misses the action the other camera trap will capture it.
I will test the double prowler setup on Friday at the Badger sett to see if the idea works. 

See previous post before reading
Another job I have put off for a while is the building of a hide at Brock wood and now I have decided to build a bench and paint it green to fit in with the woodland scenery and cancel the previous design due to the hide possibly bringing unwanted attention. I have decided to use one of my large cube hides and take it with me when I go badger watching but then leave the bench so I do not have any need to take seating with me and only bring a cushion for abit of extra comfort. 
On the trail of the Otter - A discovery on a woodland stream

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