Saturday 4 December 2010

My first wild Barn owl encouter and Camera trapping in the snow

 As I woke up early this morning at about 6am to go and collect my camera trap from brock wood taking my younger brother with do I decided we would go to see if I could see any of the foxes that have been hunting on the farmland nearby but what I saw was my best moment of the year and something I have been searching for on my local patch for my wildlife documentary about my local patch of Middlewich. 

The bird in question was a Barn owl which flew out from one side of the road to the other under some street lights which made it look even more stunning but as it was dark I decided not to take any camera kit with me but it does not matter as the memory of this beautiful ghostly owl will stay with me. Now I know there in the area I will try to get some footage of the barn owl hunting on the scrubland where it flew to as I have managed to find and watch 3/5 British owl species on my local patch but I have filmed the Tawny owl and Little owl which I am estatic about but the task of filming a Barn owl begins.

Below is the only video I managed to record on the camera trap as it was very cold night and everything but this rabbit decided to stay underground where its cosy and warm. 

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