Tuesday 21 July 2015

The return of Flash

As it was very warm the other day we decided not to head out to far. We ended up going to a local stretch of river so if we got to hot we could cool off in the water. We were mainly looking for a Swan family or Sand martins .After walking a few miles along the river we ended up finding nothing but the river looked beautiful with it's clear and sparkling water. 
There were plenty of Damselflies zipping up and down the river and mating on the river weed. On the way back though from a high bank over the river we spotted a pair of Swans with one cygnet, I did the call that some of the pairs I photograph know to see if they would respond. The female reacted and raised her head to my call and this so it got me thinking was this Flash and his mate Whisper. 
 Staying together and doing quite well with the faster speed of the flowing river
We could not see the family properly or leg tags so we fought through the nettles to get onto the sandbank where they were resting. Once we got closer we saw it was them and they had 4 Cygnets not just one.  When we approached calling like we have to Flash for years he came over without any aggression and tapped my bag to see if we had any food for him and his family. I took a few photographs and left them in peace heading down river closer to the unsafer area nearer to the town. The things that worry me at this time of year are the increase more Dogs off leads playing in the river and a few people who find entertainment in harming nature. Hopefully I will be able to keep an eye on them but nice thing was Whisper seemed to be wary of us which means she will be keeping her Cygnets very safe and she will lead them to safety if needed.
 I think Flash on the left is moulting but I think he's quite strong even if he can't fly
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Stay wild, be happy and be safe


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