Wednesday 9 July 2014

Choughed with a feathery encounter

While on an afternoon walk over the Orme to do some Sea watching we ended up finding a large family group of Chough which was made up of 4 fledglings and 2 adults. The chicks were already ringed like the adults so I am guessing they were ringed in the nest early in the season. Earlier in the week we heard there calls on the sea bird cliffs below so I'm guessing they nested in a cave close to the sea.
This young one got left behind as the rest of the family took off and flew to a different area of the Orme to feed in some freshly grazed fields which is perfect for them to feed on any disturbed insects and grubs. I think the photograph below is one of the closest encounters I have had with a fledgling Chough, so I was quite pleased to get a photograph as well as getting so close.
The 6 are reunited in the air and as there are a family of Peregrines around I'm know who my moneys on...
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