Friday 11 July 2014

A few more Foxy encounters from N.Wales

 After going through my I-phone and DSLR folders I found a few images and footage I forgot to use in my latest post the Foxes next door. Below is a few photographs from the ridge where we watched them playing each evening. I wanted to show where we were staying (RED CIRCLE) and what the Foxes saw from there view, so we climbed up through some very spiky brambles to get to there sunspot and what a view they had. Towards the end of the holiday the family disappeared so we thought it would be okay to have a good look to see if there's a den so early next year I can be ready to photograph them when there smaller.
No den but lots of bit feathers from old meals and a Foxy scent lingered in the air
We found the Vixen on the coastal cliffs getting some peace from her cubs
One last look before she left to return to her cubs
One lucky baby Rabbit which came out once the Vixen headed off into the gorse bushes
Below is a short video filmed from the cottage upstairs window on my DSLR of the Fox Family playing and sunbathing above a very busy road full of holiday makers who have no clue of the wild creatures on the cliffs just a few meters away.
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