Friday 27 December 2013

Top 13 Wild moments of 2013 Part 1 13-9

Over the next few posts is a review of my 13 top Wildlife encounters and projects of the year 2013:
13. The Canada Goose nest I filmed over the Spring was a unique project and to see into the life of a common bird was a secret story full of drama and action.
12. In early Spring I saw my first Slow worms and they were right next to a very busy road near the Little Orme, Llandudno on the coast of North Wales. They were basking in the sun and one day we counted 6 in a 5mx1m area but there was lots of leaf litter and they would quickly disappear.
11. Go Pro camera in a bird box in a Great Tits nest at one of my local woodlands. It gave me a great quality piece of video of the adults feeding the young.
10. Foxes on the streets by the sea on the North Wales coast. I filmed and watched a local Fox family in low light I filmed on a D7000 so the quality is not great but they came so close.
9. Filming & photographing a pair of Gull nesting under a hotel on the North Wales coast.
Tomorrow I will do my best 2013 moments from 8-5



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