Monday 1 July 2013

Nesting Gulls at the Grand hotel

While walking in the more tourist areas of Llandudno we seem to find the hidden wildlife that relies on the man made cliffs and ledges on the buildings scattered around the promenade. One day we took a walk along the pier to look for Gannets being pushed in by the wind and Porpoises plus any Dolphins passing on the sea below not of the above. We did spot hundreds of jellyfish in the water flowing constantly under the pier mainly Moon and Lions mane Jellyfish of various sizes I was very surprised of the numbers as I have never seen that many before at Llandudno. 
On our way back we spotted some Lesser Black backed Gulls nest building on some rocks underneath the Grande hotel. The Grand hotel is built into the pier and below it has a few natural rocky ledges covered in grass before the sea crashes against the base of the hotel.
 Where do you want this going?
 Just put in down I will sort it out
This is the wrong grass!!!
This pair had decided to use the brick work next to these grassy outcrops which is where they got there nesting material from and with the hotels balcony's and the pier above plus the sea below that had a found a great place with lots of food on offer.

Hopefully I can keep an eye on this pair over the summer as I have a few long weekends planned there.

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