Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Osprey on the North Wales coast

Over the past 2 weeks I have had many great encounters and done some exciting things on the North Wales coast and below is one that stuck in my mind. After a knackering morning kayaking we decided on going to the Little orme to shelter from the wind but as it was really warm and sunny it was perfect for looking for marine mammals from the cliffs and today was our lucky day. After finding a comfy spot with a good view perfect for sunbathing and watching the sea and skies in flew a Raven and it began mobbing a bird over the sea and as it came closer to the edge of the orme I noticed what it was but it was still far away from our position.
It was a first for me and another reason why I love the area of Llandudno so many unexpected treats and this was the first Osprey I have ever seen in the flesh and because of where it was it means so much more. You could hear the sea birds in uproar and earlier that morning we had some great views of them but I will save that for a blog later this week.

The bird flew right in front of the wind turbines on the edge of the coast of North Wales there not the greatest photographs but as a record shot they will do for me it was a great sighting and hopefully the first of many off the ormes as one day I hope to live there.

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An evening walk on the Great Orme spectacular light

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