Sunday 12 May 2013

Short entry - More nests on the lake

While I was kayaking around the lake the other day I decided to do a quick nest survey on he lake and I found a few new nests.
 3 new Coot nests full with eggs
I also found a new Canada Goose nest to go with the first Goose nest near to the Grebes but this one is in the reed beds and well guarded by both parents plus it's away from Flash and Snows nest so they are not being chased off the nest every 5 minutes by Flash.
 Alpha female is very relaxed and allows me to setup a camera on her and I have a high camera view above the nest if the eggs begin to hatch so I can film all the action once the Goslings first begin to emerge.
So above is Alpha Goose nest and below is Beta Goose nest
I was very surprised when I nearly kayaked into the pair as I went into the reeds to shelter in my kayak from the wind. This nest also has 6 eggs but built on a nest on the water rather than on a duck island.
 A few great finds but I really want to find a Waterrail, Reed Bunting, Reed & Sedge Warbler and a Moorhen nest but as Spring is really getting going I do not have much time to find them.

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