Friday 29 March 2013

Early morning walk on Good Friday

As I had to work this morning I decided on getting up at first light for a walk by the lake and I was glad I did so much activity at 5.30am with Woodpeckers drumming on the trees, Kingfishers zipping down the river and a Kestrel hunting from it's tree above a cattle field. As I arrived at the lake the Sun slowly rose over the reed beds lighting up the darkness with a bright orange glow which set of the Canada Geese honking on the lake. So I took a few photographs of them in the stunning light.
I also spotted the 2 Grebes working on there 2nd nest and also Flash feeding at the back of the lake which was nice to see in the early morning late but as I was due in work it was a short but renergizing walk to one of my favorite places on my local patch.

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