Wednesday 26 December 2012

13 targets for 2013

As 2013 is nearly upon us I have decided my 2013 targets, encounters and projects as each year I like to raise the bar and this year is no exception and I am sure you will see by the list below:

1. Film and photograph Muntjac Deer on my local patch.
2. Camp at my Badger sett with CCTV setup.
3. Film Foxes on the beach at North Wales.
 4. Film Otter's in the day on my local river.
5. Film Otter's at night on my local river.
6. Film Sea birds underwater.
 7. Film Seals underwater.
8. Stoats on Gopro camera
9. Fix a damaged Otter holt for Otter's to reuse with camera in.
10. Camp and film Badger cubs at Brock wood Badger sett.
11. Film Waterrail nest.
12. Film Grebe eggs hatching.
13. Make a short wildlife film about my local duck pond/lake.

And here's one for good luck  and this one is abit more personal and that's to become involved with the Canal and river trust through my photography and filming.

 More to come as I prep and complete these 13 wild targets for 2013 and if any other opportunities come along the way for filming, photography and encounters then you can be sure I will be getting involved so 2013 is going to be a year of raising the bar.

Thanks for reading



  1. Which river did you see the otter on? I've never known where the best places to see them are in Cheshire.

  2. Hi

    I have tracked on all of the major rivers and canals near Middlewich for years and know 4 good spots where I could see one but I think they are mainly males traveling from area to area but to see one it's all about being in the right time and right place. I am looking for a female Otter that's settled down with cubs and it's so tricky but this year it's a priority best time to see one is Summer time at first light on the river but mainly are only active at night on the canals.