Thursday 22 March 2012

A goal acheived my photo in a Magazine!!!!

Just a quick post to say my photograph made it onto the competition page in the April issue of Cheshire life magazine which is out now. 
At first I could not find the page but after a few read throughs I found the page and although printed small it is something I have wanted to achieve this year and as its only March I can move onto my next goal which has to be the next step up and try and get my name on BBC Spring watch which I nearly managed last year on Autumn watch with this photograph of a Badger popping out of its sett but they did not have any time to show as it depended on the Badgers showing up live and as in the past live Badgers were a struggle to get on the show I thought it would have been on and in the end they showed up so no Badger photos were shown but fingers crossed I can catch something unique and interesting going on around my local patch wildlife wise.
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  1. Well done's a great feeling to have one of your images published Mike. My first was on the BBC Autumnwatch website then Bird Watching magazine and in December a department of Defra used one for their newssheet...