Wednesday 2 November 2011

On the trail of Watervoles and a nice surprise at Tawny glade hide

After realising that there was one mammal on my list the Water Vole that I had not filmed yet this year and as its November and nearly winter the plant cover by the stream is starting to die back and reveal areas of ground where the mammal in question hides and feeds so I thought it was about time I tried to track them down with a few techniques picked up from other wildlife watchers that have filmed them before. The idea of bringing them into view was an apple feeder which consists of a piece of wood with long nails hammered in this is where the apples will be placed and should stopped anything taking the apples into the undergrowth.
 After the first night the apples had been eaten to the core so what was eating the apples was it the Water voles that I had been looking for?
 I found the droppings below around the apples and I was told by a fellow wildlife photographer they were water vole droppings so I am in the wright area its just going to take some time and Patience so hopefully by this time next week I will have a photograph or footage of the Water voles on my little stream in Cheshire. Once I have the proof then the conservation work begins and an exciting phase in my filming of them will begin in Spring 2012 but that's a secret for now.
After watching the apples for a while I spotted a small Vole probably a Bank Vole taking a few bites and then disappearing off into the vegetation unfortunately still no Water Voles so I am left with this thought was it just a Bank Vole eating the apple or is there a Vole of the water variety feeding on the apples so only time will tell but I will post if I get any more results on filming or tracking down the Water Voles.
After having no luck with the Water voles this Tawny Owl made the long trip to the stream worth while and if you have read my previous posts then you know it has taken me a while to find the Tawny Owls and today they were sitting together hooting as if to tell the other off and when there eyes met with mine they both flew off to find cover and a place to wait until night fall a great end to the day.

Thanks for reading

Mike Mottram


  1. Thanks Andrew another species in the woodland it's fantastic.

  2. Hi, I've just restarted my blog and I'm having trouble uploading my videos. I don't no if it's the format or that they're HD. I was wondering how you uploaded yours? Cheers, Oli. (expeditioncornwall)

  3. Great to see you blogging again I lose track over mine every so often it's nice to take a break from it every so often.

    Are you using a youtube code if you are go onto edit html next to compose where you type your blog and paste the youtube code in there then click compose and your video can be moved into place. Thankyou for the mention on your blog post:)