Wednesday 5 October 2011

Closer to the Tawny that has settled at Tawny glade

 I managed to get a couple of hours this afternoon at Tawny glade hide today but this time I decided on using a different route to the hide and after avoiding every stick as the wind howled through the trees causing leaves to fall from the canopy covering the woodland floor with red and brown leaves giving the woodland a different feel from the emerald leaves of summer.
I reached the hide and in a tree above the hide we spotted a young Tawny facing the opposite direction as I got closer a Blue tit called raising the alarm and the Owl turned round and flew off deeper into the dense treeline. I left it in peace so it would return to the tree so on the next day I canwear my guilliesuit to so sneak closer and film or get some photos of the Tawny from inside the hide.
Spot the Tawny Owl-I took this on my Iphone as I did not have time to get my DSLR out.

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