Saturday 3 September 2011

Badgers Night and day what a difference a week makes

As the Badgers have been quiet for the past few weeks during the day its time to film them at nights as a few weeks ago we were getting so close and getting some fantastic footage of the group but since the rain storms the past few weeks and the sudden increase of wild food available from Hazelnuts, Berry's in the wood and not forgetting the many insect grubs and worms available in the nearby pastures they are probably sleeping off there busy nights during the day. So as the daylight was giving us no Badger footage it was time to begin filming at night to see what the family was getting up to and as I learned earlier in the year they have a special place where they socialise, the area in question is a Badger built dip in the ground where they scratch, play and relax with each other.
They have really accepted the camera trap and now they really love to sniff and investigate it but especially the Badger we have called one eye and in other footage the Badger cub climbs up the camera and gives it a quick nip.
I hope to get more footage of the cub playing with the adults but as he is nearly full size I do not have much time hopefully tonight we will get some footage of them playing close to the sett.

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