Sunday 27 October 2019

Autumn is here and Winter is around the courner...

I'm  very late with this months post but I must say that I have cut down my main job and my self-employment working hours in favor of being outdoors especially in the hills of the peak district the fresh air and the stunning views are beautiful and I can't wait to get up there if we get any snow this winter as I have found some really stunning peaceful areas away from most parking places.
My favorite view from Shining Tor as well as the Pine woodlands below
 I've just booked 5 nights on Anglesey for the next month and as I have just been given a pair of binoculars by a customer so I can't wait to use them for spotting marine mammals as I want to see Rissos Dolphins as I have booked a cottage near a regular sighting location so if my lucks in I may get to see and is very close to Amlwch port which is on my list of future home locations.
This photo of Anglesey Walking Holidays is courtesy of TripAdvisor
A week ago we spotted 3 young Hedgehogs and there mother wandering around in the daylight in and around my garden. I knew they needed to get somewhere together and warm so we placed them in my shed area as I recently emptied to take down but thought it would make a winter shelter for the mother to hibernate and the young to fatten up and be safe from the winter frosts.
This was over a week ago and I am happy to say the young are all doing fine in there very warm hay and leaf-filled area. Their mother has gone to sleep and we have left some food and water incase she wakes up in the winter months.
One of the young taking a drink, I also put a camera on them to make sure there healthy
Stay warm and enjoy the Autumn to come


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