Monday 29 April 2019

My Foxy family is back and some lovely moments in Nature

A couple of weeks ago as the vegetation began to burst from the soil and fill up the empty spaces down the countryside paths making them into lush life filled mini woodlands. One evening I was walking by and I spotted a few leftover animal parts and as soon as I saw this I knew that my Fox family had returned with a new set of cubs ready to bring new fun and cuteness into the area.
I ended up hiding behind a tree and filming on my phone.
Altogether there were 3-5 cubs but they were so playful and running everywhere it was hard to count.
As the Foxes played in the undergrowth a Nuthatch called in full nesting season glory and filled the air with beauty of its song. I love the evenings of the summer but the early mornings are so beautiful and are my favorite part of summer as the light paints such beautiful colors that reflect and cast birds on the water into stunning views. They have disappeared in the past few days but they usually get more cautious and reappear as they get older and start homing there hunting skills through playing with each other.
Final flap before take off
Drying in the first rays of light
The sun rises fully over a nearby farm and the reed beds below
Goose nesting on the canal edge
Pair of Mandarins a few on the Trent and Mersey canal, Middlewich
Perfect spot for photographing the Otters on the river in the early hours of the summer mornings
 Stay wild be free and enjoy the Season to come

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