Monday 18 June 2018

A Pheasant surprise and camping out

On my second week off I decided to do 3 wild campouts while the weather is warm and the darkness is in short supply. I had 3 Habitats I wanted to emmerse myself in and be there a dusk to dawn and as it got dark at 11pm and light at 3.40am the nights felt very short.
While checking out my areas for camping I spotted a family of Pheasants pecking along the side a road and this is the first time i've seen baby ones out and about on my local patch.

Habitat 1-River bank
To hear the river bubbling and fish jumping in the night was so relaxing but some of the rusling was underving and I got a couple of hours sleep which was all I needed. My journey home involved pumping up my kayak packing my gear in and heading down river on a peaceful summer mornings paddle. I was hoping to wake up to an Otter hunting but it seemed the water was to low for the fish so no prey no Otter but theres still time yet.
Habitat 2-Lake
 To see Bats flying over the waters surface next to my tent was a really a beautiful scene and I managed to sleep about 7 hours which was pretty good and the scene I woke upto was amazing and as the mist was burned off the water my energy was recharged tenfold.
 Habitat 3-Badger sett/Woodland
The only place I did not manage to camp was at the Woodland Badger sett as the Badgers emerged quite early and as this is the first encounter of the year at this spot the I was happy with just seeing 2 adults emerge have a scratch then head off to feed. While at another sett we spotted a very small cub bounding along from hole to hole chuckling as it went which was wonderful to see but it was strange to see such a tiny cub in June.
Although I did not camp at all three palces I had some great evenings but for relaxtion the lake was my favourite then the river for being away from any disturbance.

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