Wednesday 20 December 2017

Christmas catch up

Things have been busy with work and my home life so I've been distracted from doing any projects and blog posts at all since November. Today I have decided to do one big blog with a few new little kit updates and some photographs/notes from my wildlife outings. One thing's for sure after just getting over a cold I'm looking forward to my 4 days off over Christmas then bring on the longer warmer days as I've been thinking back to Spring/Summer and just enjoying being by the coast on camping trips. I have a few projects ready to go and hopefully, in 2018 I can do more camping and walking around Wales and fit my new kit into that challenge.
Firstly I managed to buy something I have wanted for a while and that is an entry-level camera drone to get some unique shots of my local habitat and maybe if I get good at flying then perhaps on the coast. I purchased an Archos drone to use while I'm off over Christmas. For now, I will have to find an area close to home with plenty of space and nothing for me to crash into.
I am also thinking of adding 2 thin pieces of polystyrene to add landing legs to stabilize the drone and I am thinking it will also enable it to land on water. I will get on these tests this week as I have a pond to use with plenty of space around it, more fun to come.
As I'm sure like us you have had snow n the past few weeks. I wanted snow while I was having my birthday week on the coast. No snow all week but on my birthday when it was time to come home it snowed all the way home.
 When were there we tried to get on the West shore webcam after realizing there was a delay we got a quick screenshot.
The snow came in slowly...
 After a few hours the hills above Cowny were covered
 We mist the snow but we soaked up some of the Christmas spirit with some wonderful christmas lights and cosy nights in the cottage relaxing and online shopping with the heating on full it was a relaxing week till I got home and caught a cold.
More to come but as it's Christmas week and I have presents to wrap I shall wrap this blog post up here. Merry Christmas and I'll try to write a more wildlife-related post on my fours days off next week. Below there is a few local snowy scenes:

Stay wild Mike

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