Sunday 16 October 2016

Memories from Summer Badger cubs bounding

With Spring and Summer 2016 well behind us and Winter not far away, I took a look back to my memories of summer and one wild encounter I don't like to miss. On many a warm evening during the months of May to August I would head off through the countryside by canals and lakes to my secret Badger glade where I have spent many years protecting and photographing the clan here.
This year was so special as a pair of fluffy cubs seemed to be always out playing and looking for food while there parents slept and would often come out four a minute or two then return to the safety of the sett. Sometimes the sow would call the cubs underground if they started to go to far from the sett.
 Here is a few of my favorite summer photographs of the cubs before they became wary of these 2 legged creatures around there sett which I am always glad about as I know that human dangers may never be to far away.
 Sometimes they would stay hidden and a Badgers arse would be the only view as the sun fell
 They came close enough to film on our phones some days which was Amazing!!
I love the image below as it captures the Teen Badger cub on a moonlit night just emerging for a few hours of mischief and fun plus learning all the skills it will need to become an adult Badger.
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Stay wild, be happy and be safe


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