Friday 8 July 2016

Bees under the pond

A few weeks ago my brother noticed a few Bees buzzing around the pond so we decided to watch and see where they were going. We discovered they were going under the plastic of the pond and being no danger and knowing bees are in decline we decided on leaving them to go about there beesiness :-p
I'll try to photograph them to see what species they are as they are quite relaxed especially as the colder evening air comes in.
The entrance to the Bee hive under the Pond
Below is a few photographs of the rest of the garden as the trees we planted have really grown quite big this year and as I added some reeds and willow to the pond and an old fish tank its looking rather beautiful. I have no need to go out into the woods some days as we know have a small woodland in the garden. We should get quite a few birds in the winter now we have some proper branches to hang the feeders from.
The trees in the middle of our lawn are getting quite big 2 are Rowen trees and the other is a....
Our Pond from another angle (Red circle is where the Bee hive is located under the logs)

Our little wildlife area by the shed where Foxes, Hedgehogs and the shier birds can relax
Our little Bee hive Pond with our willow tree getting bigger
Hedgehog houses and bird bath reed area
 Anyway I must be off as I'm going for a long bike ride by the river Weaver where there is a Great crested grebe nesting in the perfect spot to get some wonderful photographs without disturbing, if I'm lucky there will be chicks hatching there soon.

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