Tuesday 13 October 2015

Biking to Barn Owls/Foxes on my local patch and a weirdo on my bike ride

Over the first few weeks of Autumn I have had the pleasure of finding Barn Owls and Foxes on my local patch. The two are a few miles apart but quite easy to get to, while on route from the Barn Owls recently I biked past an aggressive man walking his dog. I have had the pleasure of meeting this strange individual a year ago when I saw him on private land with a dog in low light messing around a Badger sett, it looked very suspicious so I had to disrupt the scene politely. I asked him what he was up to and what the name of the farmer show land it was but he could not answer so he swore and was very aggressive. He then followed us and said he was going to throw us in the canal. We waited to see what he wanted to say under a light. As the light was fading fast and I did not want to be near him in the dark, I decided to film in case he got angry but instead he lunged at me and stepped on his dog which squealed loudly then he quickly ran away. 
 Last night he called me a few names and threatened to throw me in the canal but hey it will take more than that as I have had many tougher experiences and situation in my life that one bully making threats about something that happened a year ago.
The possibility over a meeting with this local dodgy individual is over powered by this view for me
I got the event on film thanks to my bikes action camera. I have shared with the police and now there is a case file and I was told if I have anymore issues or information relating to Wildlife crime or aggression from this individual then contact asap. I was told to film and photograph law breaking as it backs up your story and will stand as evidence in a court of law. So if your the individual reading this then "Hi" this is for you, no amount of bullying, threats or lies will deter me from my path I shall always defend wildlife and the environment against those who wish to do it harm. Next time I'll post more about my local Foxes and Barn Owls plus I'll share a few Autumnal scenes from Middlewich.

Thanks for reading my blog
Stay wild, be happy and be safe

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