Monday 13 July 2015

Weasel and Cormorant skulls

Last week I set off to a woodland where last year I found a dead baby Weasel outside a hole in the base of a tree. I ended up putting the body in a tree crevice higher up the tree so it would rot away naturally like the Buzzard I found. The only trouble was I could not find the hole where I placed it and as I have been looking for it for months it was great when I finally found the upper jaw of the Weasel skull.
 The skull was tiny and the great thing is the 2 vampire like teeth can be seen making these amazing predators for there size
After finding the Weasel skull we wandered off into the think vegetation in the woodland to see if we could find any live Weasels running around but unfortunately a local Pheasant breeder seems to have a few traps setup for them around there Pheasant pen which they have built in the woods.
The traps are legally set but I'm not sure if they have the woodland owners permission to have a pen there. The trap was in this tunnel possibly to catch Stoats and Weasels that are attracted by the eggs/birds
On our way back home through the woodland my brother spotted a skull on the woodland pat. At first I thought Goosander but it had no teeth so my next thought was a Cormorant skull due to there being lakes close by where I have seen them fishing. 
The skull was complete with the lower beak intact therefore a great addition to my small collection
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